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Olympia Comics

June 4, 2016
Olympia Center
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Portland Zine Symposium
July 9, 2016
Ambridge Event Center
Portland, Oregon

Rose City Comic Con
September 10-11, 2016
Oregon Convention Center
Portland, Oregon
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Jet City Comic Show
November 5-6, 2016
Tacoma Convention &
Trade Center
Tacoma, Washington
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Alex J. Murd(er)

Alex has finally found a healthy outlet for all of her twisted and morbid thoughts (you don't want to hear the ones from before). She attended Monroe County Community College to study Fine Arts, graduated, and realized she just wanted to draw cartoons. So, taking inspiration from Looney Toons, rock & roll, Debbie Does Dallas, and kittens, her abomination of “style”
was born.

Alex is the primary artist at CrazedPixel Comics and has drawn and inked Cinder, Little Black Book, ZeD, Helsink County, and a bunch of other, random stuff. She also co-writes ZeD and Helsink County, and wrote and illustrated Evenin’ all by her li’l ol’ self! (We’re so proud!)
To enhance her depravity, Alex utilizes Faber Castell and Micron technical pens, Sharpies, PrismaColors, Gimp2.8 image manipulation software, and good old fashioned paper.

In 5 years, Alex will be blissfully hanging with her characters in a mental hospital.

Fun Fact:

    “Wine, wine, wine, Alex had some wine. And she was happy, happy, happy, that she had some wine”
    — Lyrics borrowed from Nirvana.

James Murd

Jack-of-all-trades, king-of-none. Jacks can get flashy and slip into something else, kings get captured and guillotined.
— Alex Murd

Colorist, Writer, Web Administrator, Project Manager, Bookkeeper, Asylum Enforcer, etc.

In years to come, James hopes to find himself hopping around with Alex, peddling CP Comic wares to unsuspecting victims who will, inevitably, enjoy them.

The Short List:

  • Ezra series (Umbrae Libro) - Patreon
  • Short Stories and Oddities - Author Kindle | Mail Order
  • ZeD - Co-writer, Colorist, Letterer
  • Cinder - Letterer select titles
  • 12 Hour Comics
  • Assorted Shorts

Tools of the Trade:

Fun Fact: James does not exist.

Steve ‘E’ Mihalec

My Name is Steve Mihalec, also known as Steve ‘E’. LaLa.
It's kinda funny; I'm going into Human Resources but I love creating characters and stories. Which is why CrazedPixel was crazy enough to sign me on! Ta-hut!

As for my talents (besides drinking and listening to music)...

  • Durcig
  • Helsink County co-creator
  • Reflections
  • Third Watch co-creator

When it comes down to it, my biggest inspiration is music. That may sound odd but it just puts me in a different mindset and really helps my creative process. Music is a huge help in creating the screwed-up/wonderful visions in my head... Scary?

Music aside, paper, pencils, pens, markers, computers, scanners and Gimp2.6 help create my art. Simple but true...

In years to come, I'll have my degree in Human Resources, and be creating more insane stuff. Being able to create is such a great outlet. As long as I'm doing something creative in the future, that's a plus.

Fun Fact: Steve does not take himself seriously... Seriously!

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