Viewer discretion is advised.

Our comics are intended for mature audiences. Several of our comics contain adult situations, strong language, and depict illegal acts. If it offends you, put it down. Otherwise, enjoy!

The majority of comics represented by CP Comics are available for free on our website! We also sell tangible comics, several of which feature content not available online. Visit our store or join us at a convention to purchase your very own copy and, while you're there, why not get it signed!

We dream of telling stories through pictures as well as words and hope we can bring some entertainment, joy, mystery, and a dash of enlightenment to your day, week, year, or even life. We love what we do and have a lot of respect for folks who do what they love. Pursue your dreams with integrity and dignity, and they don't take yourself too seriously. A sense of humor is what gives you character!

Periodically Updated

Kale's backstory (Evenin'), classed as an "Emotional Noir" or "Slice-of-Life".

A zombie apocalypse spaghetti kung-fu sci-fi medieval western satire.
If anything is sacred, let it be abandoned, or turn back now!

Completed or No Longer Updated

Alex's completed solo project and inspiration for Cinder.

A pompous metalhead and the “most greatest epicness since the day of the dawning of the
birth of the universe's worlds of galaxies.”
Written and drawn by Steve.

Small Fish: Big City
A 1930's crime noir. Follow the Marine Street Diner crew as they carve their own piece
of Klamen Falls.

The 12hour Comic Project
Inspired by the 24 Hour Comic Day.

Helsink County
They're not your average monsters... They're below average. Way below average!

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November 14-15, 2015
Tacoma Convention &
Trade Center
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